Financial aid at 在线赌博推荐

The 社区 College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH), of which 在线赌博推荐 is a part, offers the lowest per-credit tuition costs per year in N.H. at only $215 per credit – 和, we make it easy to pay with our flexible options 和 detailed cost breakdowns!

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) is the estimated amount it will cost you to go to college. 这 easy-to-follow cost document (also linked below) can help explain how this all breaks down for you.

 N.H. 居民Military StudentNERSP外州 /International
Cost Per Credit$215$215$323$490

General 学费 Estimates

Residency Status# of Registered Credits学费
NERSP * *15$5,220

Other m和atory fees will be added to tuition.
学费 rates are based on per credit hour cost.

* See “Military Student 学费 Rates”

* *的 New Engl和 Regional Student Program (NERSP) enables a resident of a New Engl和 state to enroll in a public college or university in the six state region at 50% above in-state tuition for all of 在线赌博推荐’s degree 和 certificate programs. All applicants will automatically be reviewed for New Engl和 Regional Student Program eligibility upon application. New Engl和 residents living within a 50 mile radius of 在线赌博推荐’s Concord Campus will be charged in-state tuition rates for day courses. 在线赌博推荐 considers New Engl和 Regional status to be a form of financial aid. For further information, contact a high school guidance counselor or the 在线赌博推荐 招生 Office.

Assignment to an 在线赌博推荐 residence hall is open to any student registered for a minimum of nine credits for the academic year; any Allied Health student who has 临床s; any student who only has one-two classes left to graduate (verified by academic advisor); any ESOL student recommended by the ESOL advisor; 和 any student with learning disabilities 和 recommended by Accessibility Services.

Fall Semester$3,515$1,925$75$5,515
Spring Semester$3,515$1,925$75$5,515
Fall Semester$4,220$1,925$75$6,220
Spring Semester$4,220$1,925$75$6,220
Fall Semester$4,618$1,925$75$6,618
Spring Semester$4,618$1,925$75$6,618
12-Month 住房 – Annual Rates
$8,900 $3,850+$150$12,900
超级单$11,692 $3,850+$150$15,692

+15-膳食计划:  $1,925 ($1,825 + $100 flex)/semester; 19-meal plan: $2,093 ($1,993 + $100 flex)/semester

If a student does not specify which meal plan they want; they automatically get the 15-meal plan. For meal plan changes student must fill out a Meal Change Form 和 return it to the Student Affairs Office.

For students who are choosing year-round housing, meal plans are only offered during the Fall 和 Spring semesters.

 The following qualify for in-state tuition:

  • Members of the U.S. Armed Forces (also their spouses or children) stationed in NH under military orders (or stationed in a contiguous state but temporarily living in NH) so long as said orders remain in effect 和 residence in NH is continued.
  • Military personnel who are residents of another state but choose NH as their residence within 90 days of being discharged from the military.
  • Veterans enrolled under the Veterans Educational Assistant Improvement Acts of 2010.
  • Veterans as defined under RSA 21:50, I, or a covered individual, as defined under Chapter 30 or 33 of Title 38 of the United States Code using educational assistance benefits provided under federal law while living in New Hampshire 和 enrolled in a degree/certificate program.
  • A spouse or child using educational assistance benefits provided pursuant to Chapter 30 or 33 of Title 38 of the United States Code while living in New Hampshire 和 enrolled in a degree/certificate program. 


Below are the fees established for the 2022-2023 academic year for 在线赌博推荐. Your tuition 和 fees are due 2 weeks before the first class day of each semester. Some programs require uniforms 和/or equipment, 和 all programs require textbooks. Students are responsible for the purchase of these materials.

Please note: All charges are subject to change without notice.

$100 tuition deposit applies to the following programs: Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, 护理 (RN 和 LPN-RN Option), Orthopaedic Technology (Degree & 证书), Paramedic Emergency Medicine, Radiation Therapy (Degree 和 证书), 和 Radiologic Technology. 这 fee is non-refundable 和 will be credited toward first semester tuition.


$25 per credit hour. Supports Student Center, student activities, 和 organizations, Wellness Center, 体育运动, Health Services, 和 Campus Safety.


An academic instruction fee for credit courses is charged to all students taking lab, 临床, field experience, or practicum courses. 这 fee is calculated by subtracting the number of lecture hours from the number of credit hours 和 multiplying the remainder by $110 for each course. 这 fee will be added to the normal tuition charge for that course. No academic instruction fee will be charged for co-ops 和 internships.  

All students taking 为副总经理296 c, 奥尔特150 cRADT 159 c 和 RDTH 190 c will be charged $150 临床 documentation fee per class.


$500 per semester
All students enrolled in 临床 Dental, Diagnostic Medical Imaging, 护理, Orthopaedic Technology 和 Paramedic Emergency Medicine courses will be charged a $500/per semester 临床 surcharge.The following courses carry this charge: ADED 113C, 广告114 c, 广告191 c, 广告196 c, 广告212 c, 广告221 c, 广告298 c, 猫204 c, 猫206 c, 为副总经理291 c, 为副总经理296 c, 为副总经理297 c, 为副总经理298 c, 历史115 c, 历史116 c, 历史117 c, 历史175 c, 历史178 c, 历史215 c, 奥尔特113 c, 奥尔特150 c, 奥尔特220 c, PEM 194 c, PEM 296 c, PEM 297 c, RADT 159 c, RADT 164 c, RADT 165 c, RADT 294 c, RADT 295 c, RDTH 190 c, RDTH 195 c, RDTH 290 c, RDTH 293 c, RDTH 295 c, RDTH 296 c

课程费用: All students taking INDS 150C, 第1 250 c, MCET 105 c, MCET 205 c, MCET 250 c, MCET 260C MFET 111C, MFET 202 c, MFET 220 c, MFET 241 c, RAET 205 c, RAET 210C 和 RAET 220C will be charged a $50 course fee for each class.

Personal Professional Liability Insurance is m和atory for all students in health 和 human service-related programs, which include 临床s. The cost is $25 per year. (注意: Liability insurance may be required for students in other programs who participate in an off-campus practicum or internship

All students taking these courses will be charged fees to cover the costs associated with ATI online practice 和 proctored assessments 和 tutorials, detailed individualized remediation plans, 和 end-of-program testing for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam:

  • 历史115 c – $615
  • 历史116 c/117C  – $615
  • 历史175 c – $100
  • 历史178 c – $615
  • 历史215 c – $615

All students enrolled in the Orthopaedic Technology Degree or Orthopaedic Technology Certificate Program will be charged a $750 per semester 临床 surcharge. The following courses carry this charge: ORTH 108C, ORTH 109C, 和 ORTH 208C.


A $125 fee will be assessed for all students taking PLGL 104 c  和 PLGL 225 c. 这 fee will cover costs associated with ABA dues, 词汇/新闻全文数据库, 和 UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law 图书馆.


A $89 fee will be assessed for all student taking 奥尔特150 cRADT 159 c, 和 RDTH 195 c.  这 fee covers the cost of the radiation badge, which is required per state/national law 和 accreditation to monitor student rations dose. A $25 fee will be assessed to replace lost radiation badge.


A $25 fee will be assessed for all students taking TECP 50度TECP 51 cTECP 60 cTECP 62 cTECP 66 cTECP 87 c, 和 TECP 88 c to cover the cost of 临床 practice.


A $25 theater materials fee will be assessed for all students taking THTR 185 c 和 THTR 250 c.


A $75 fee will be assessed for all students taking HSTM 101 c. The fee will defer some of the costs associated with student travel experiences. There will be additional costs to students associated with some of the more extensive trips.

A $50 ceramic studio fee will be assessed for all students taking VRTS 135 c 和 VRTS 235 c.


A $20 fee will be assessed for all students taking VRTS 130 c 和 VRTS 230 c to cover the cost 和 disposal of chemicals.


A $20 fee will be assessed for all students taking VRTS 133 c 和 VRTS 210 c to cover the cost of live modeling.

学费 Waiver Programs

CCSNH has many programs that can waive tuition for some students. 这 includes those in the foster system, N.H. Scholars, 和 the children of fallen soldiers, firefighters, 和 police officers. We’re here to help you – please explore these options.

Are You a Military Student?

Thank you for your service! 在线赌博推荐 has resources available for you, with full step-by-step instructions on how to apply for your VA benefits.

Faculty 和 Staff Course Form

Members of the 在线赌博推荐 faculty 和 staff 和 their dependents can take discounted courses. Click here to download the form. Directions for submission are on the form itself.

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